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Joined 1 September 2017
Aratrika Roy 16 JUN AT 6:13

Somebody asked if any stranger ever changed my life.

Has my life been changed untill he became one?


#strange can not make a #change.


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Aratrika Roy 28 MAY AT 10:29

অসাধারন অন্ত্যমিল, মাত্রা গুলোও বড্ড জ্যান্ত, বড্ড পারফেক্ট । লিখতে থাকুন ❤️


Dedicating a #testimonial to Atanu Ghosh

Aratrika Roy 20 MAY AT 3:16

See, that day you asked in a serpentine manner, I was not ready for it.
Even not today I am.
That day after my denial, you sidetracked your words beautifully.
I know that the writers are magicians.
But you must work hard when it comes to hiding the eyes.

You hate cheating. Don't you?
Then say, do you want me to cheat when I am not prepared for holding your worth?
Let my hands be that stout first, to clasp all of you.
All your love, all your hidden letters to me.

You, yes you are the sunshine I want to be kissed in every morning workouts.
But don't want it to be eclipsed, before time.

Haven't heard Newton?
Nothing is one sided. Nothing can be.


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Aratrika Roy 11 MAY AT 13:49

সেই চেনা স্টেশন, চেনা কামরা—
দুটো অচেনা ঠোঁটে ভীষণ কুলুপ আঁটা,

ভেজা গোড়ালি ছুঁয়ে শান্ত সমুদ্দুর,
হচ্ছে ভারী, কমছে জোয়ার ভাঁটা...


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Aratrika Roy 6 MAY AT 6:53

রেখা দুটো সূক্ষ্ম কোনেই মিলতে চেয়েছিল,
খেয়াল করেনি, তারা আসলে রম্বসের দুটো কর্ণ ।


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Aratrika Roy 28 APR AT 19:06

গালের টোল আর ঠোঁটের বাঁকে শনি, শেষ ছুঁয়েছো কবে তা মনে পড়ে?
প্রিয়তম, আজও উড়ালপুল দেখে আগের মতই বুক ধড়পড় করে !


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Aratrika Roy 17 APR AT 9:56

I am so done
with your meaningless pamperings
I wake up dreaming,


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Aratrika Roy 16 APR AT 1:24

Maybe one day after years, randomly roaming on the high streets of an unknown city, you'll be sold, printed under paperback.

But for now, all I want is to ask you for a 'Kal Ho Na Ho' date.


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Aratrika Roy 16 APR AT 1:11

Not everyone who is worthy is trustworthy.


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Aratrika Roy 14 APR AT 4:02

— Tumhari aankhen kitni khubsoorat hay pata hay?
— Yeh tumse pehle kitno ne kaha hay pata hay?
— Kyunki inn se tumhara dil dikhta hay, inhe kajal lagake bigaado maat !
— Yeh to kisine nahi kaaha !


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