Aranga Rajeeswar (Lone Warrior)

Insta: sarcasm_mafia

Definitely not a writer 馃檹
Aranga Rajeeswar 11 HOURS AGO

Want to see how crazy people are?

Just wait for just 3 seconds after the green signal is ON 馃槒


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Aranga Rajeeswar 15 FEB AT 13:37

Be calm.
Be patient.
Be cool.
Don't hit anyone.

Suddenly a person uses lift from ground floor to first floor 馃槨馃槧馃槨


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Aranga Rajeeswar 13 FEB AT 14:52

Suggestions before buying something:
I donno about that.
Ask him he knows very well.
Not sure about the quality & price.

Suggestions after buying something:
U should have waited for some offers.
People say it is a failure model 馃槒


Aranga Rajeeswar 3 FEB AT 17:42

If u r still saying this joke to everyone,
"It's not Valentine's day, it's thursday"

Probably this is one of the reasons y u r single馃槒


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Aranga Rajeeswar 1 FEB AT 11:21

When bad things happen, be sad...

When good things happen, start thinking about something bad may happen soon and be sad...


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Aranga Rajeeswar 30 JAN AT 9:26

Invite people who definitely won't come.
And don't invite people who will definitely come.

By this way u can avoid both 馃槈


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Aranga Rajeeswar 29 JAN AT 11:07

"I will tell that secret later"
Has hidden more secrets than
"I can't tell u that secret" 馃


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Aranga Rajeeswar 26 JAN AT 17:39

Life started to become tougher
when we reach a stage
where we can't cry and
get our things get done 馃槒


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Aranga Rajeeswar 25 JAN AT 10:09

How socialized are u?

I literally wait for people to go offline so that I can reply to their msg and run away 馃槒


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Aranga Rajeeswar 24 JAN AT 15:59

There are people who stay on diet for fitness.
There are people who goto gym for fitness.

And finally there is an elite group of people who take half of the sweet and say "no, can't eat fully" 馃う鈥嶁檪


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