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I am a school student.
I am here..🙏✍️✍️
Inspired from my mom💖💖...
Joined 7 June 2020

I am a school student.
I am here..🙏✍️✍️
Inspired from my mom💖💖...
Joined 7 June 2020
Aparna Pradeep 13 JUL AT 19:30

In my morning coffee time....

I'm in quest for a rhyme,
For my ballad of time.
I feel half hearted sometime,
Then I sip a juice of lime.
Oh ! I forget this everytime-
That my work is prime.

Now it's lunchtime...

For a word I scrabbled overtime,
I thought of a nap for a little time.
But it's not the right time,
For my rest I've to wait for a longtime.

Now it's dinnertime...

My poem is not yet finished for the first time.
I called my pal onetime,
She helped me in time,
I said, you will be my bestie in my lifetime.
Finally ! I posted my poem on time.

Now it's my bedtime😜.....


Aparna Pradeep 2 JUL AT 20:15

I was happy,
Seeing the rainbow light,
Want one colour,
I asked my seven gems,
And they said,
A colour, we will lend,
Only if you are happy till the end....


Aparna Pradeep 24 JUN AT 14:04

I couldn't bear,
When I got a grey hair.

I then went to a mart,
And put a hair dye in my cart.

Came home and removed my tie,
And applied my black dye.

Looking handsome said my wife,
I thought there ends my life.

Said my daughter looking great,
Then opened my heart's gates.

Finished my dinner with a glass of water,
I then got a call by my daughter.

Not to lose the chance-
she asked me to come soon,
Towards the balcony -
to see full bright moon.......


Aparna Pradeep 21 JUN AT 7:40

पापा आप मेरे हो ,
और मै आपकी ...
ज़िन्दगी भर हम ,
रहेंगे एक साथ ....
आप हे मेरे सुरक्षा ,
और मै हूँ आपकी हमेशा I


Aparna Pradeep 18 JUN AT 19:32

I was scared ,
When I lost my shoot..
But I became dared ,
When my sisters were my roots...


Aparna Pradeep 16 JUN AT 12:27

The thorns in my wings
For me to fly with ease....


Aparna Pradeep 15 JUN AT 14:00

My art..


Aparna Pradeep 9 JUN AT 14:06

In my memories forever.


Aparna Pradeep 7 JUN AT 19:10

I scream when I see
My dreams drowning in
the bloodstream.....
But since today
I have been
enjoying and exploring
The river of dreams.......


Aparna Pradeep 7 JUN AT 16:10

by writing a diary
filled with all my


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