Over a silent Mississippi

(Read in caption)

' I find myself collecting
all the little pieces
of belonging,
that you and I left
across different time zones.

At times in your songs
floating over
a silent Mississippi,
at times in your smile
wounding me lovingly.

Though there remain
a lot of uncertainties
to ambulate,
and a lot of distance
to mitigate.
In the quiet gestures of your eyes
I've seen cravings alight.
In the tender space
of your lips,
a fierce turbulence
placidly swims.

Whether yours or mine,
or a desperate ours,
or simply a poet's
fictitious perfume for
your favourite flower.
It's yours to decide
It's yours to take.
Star far away
in your wake,
I let this thought lay:
The dusk that strides
into the night,
has for long been
a lover of mine.
In the dawn of your skin,
I rest my plight
and begin
to love the light. '

#YQBaba #poem #poetry

14 MAR 2017 AT 20:45