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Anubhav Srivastava (A foreplay of letters)

Sailor by profession. Sharing some snippets from my dialogues with dreams.

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I love you, all so loudly 
inside my heart, 
and yet covertly 
in the world 
around me.

Many sentences 
have begun in my mind
but left midway,
floating in surrender
somewhere between 
the soul and sound.

In the quiet, 
elusive corners 
of my days and nights 
I have watched your face;
splendid dream
between my palms,
and felt your eyes 
looking back at me.

'Between the lips and the voice something goes dying. Something with the wings of a bird, something of anguish and oblivion.' - Pablo Neruda #YQBaba #birdofparadise

17 APR AT 15:38

I have an ashtray full of your memories,
and much like a cigarette
when the remembrance 
comes alight,
I feed my insides
with the endless
burning fumes
of a touch so missed
on my fingers.

'For all things are going to kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it's much better to be killed by a lover.' - Charles Bukowski #YQBaba #soafl #napowrimo

11 APR AT 21:49