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Akshay Kumar 1 JAN AT 12:27

My Angel,
When you welcome a grand new year in your life, I want you to know that i鈥檒l always find new ways to love you,
Every new year was a reason for me to fall in love with you for new reasons,but this year it's bit different, cause in 2019 i don't want any reason to love you,like for no reasons this nature is constantly inspiring us,for no reasons sun gives us light, for know reasons this seasons flow... I don't want any reason to love you.. cause I'm your rare species Romeo.
Your romeo for no reasons馃挄聽
soul mate for all seasons.馃挄
Happy new year my love !!
#your rare species Romeo
#Romeo and Juliet reborn stories


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Akshay Kumar 27 NOV 2018 AT 23:47

Why I became an guest in this place
I became indefinite to people who care for me Why you are in my feelings only
Why not in my actuality?
Your eyes terribly cute to my retina
Is that only a chemical reaction happening in my brain?
Heart, brain, nervous reflexes feel your unconditioned love
Tell me more about this comforting fact of loving you
You are my Juliet and I'm your Romeo



Akshay Kumar 22 NOV 2018 AT 0:22

"Love is religionless, it's universal
like Earth, water, air, Sky and fire.
these manifestations have created
the whole universe,
but only 鈥渓ove created this - life and
the peace - which binds all of us."


Akshay Kumar 22 NOV 2018 AT 0:16

"I care for all, I love everyone but in "every-one" you are always number one"
Becuase you are my only mate born to reach my soul.
I'm your rare species Romeo.


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Akshay Kumar 25 SEP 2018 AT 18:32

Hey Juliet missing someone when we are alone, isn't it? it's normal, but I miss you even when I'm with friends, home, anywhere let it be. I think It's because anyone cannot replace your presence in my life. You asked me why? LOL, I'm your rare species Romeo
#I miss you
#but do not worry, I will meet you soon
#I'm a time traveller to meet my Juliet


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Akshay Kumar 12 SEP 2018 AT 17:10

Why you love everyone ?
Do you hate anyone in this world, she asked,
I love everyone because how can we love one person and hate the other Juliet, when same divine soul present in everyone's heart. Tell me now..
I love everyone... Juliet It's not about you and I.. It's about we and us makes life more blissful.. if you think why I'm different..
Cause I'm rare species your Romeo
#Love everyone
#Romeo Juliet reborn stories


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Akshay Kumar 8 SEP 2018 AT 8:18

Hey Juliet,
Happy teacher's day dear
You are no less than a teacher
You never given a exam paper
But I'm who I'm cause of you my lover
Pass my exam with least or best,
In Your love, So far everything is Best, only I'm your mysterious student..
LOL, cause I'm rare species your Romeo
#You taught me
#Enlightened being Romeo
#Romeo Juliet reborn stories


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Akshay Kumar 7 SEP 2018 AT 19:24

Hey Juliet, there are millions of people in this Earth, merely few will get match with So called "Soul-mates", if I can't reach you in this life, I'm made for no another!!
LOL , You asked me why? Cause We are made for each other & I'm rare species your Romeo!!

#One more Juliet, no chance
#one Juliet for Soulful Journey
#By the way let me tell you, Soulful Journey doesn't have end or beginning
#eternal love
#Endless love
#Romeo Juliet reborn stories


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Akshay Kumar 5 SEP 2018 AT 23:33

I'm busy in my Job juliet, You are busy in your errands, But the moment your mind thinks," what my romeo doing right now? I miss you romeo.."
My heart cherished to infinite happiness. our hearts being exchanged in time immemorial. Juliet I don't miss you anymore. You know where are you? You are here, just in my cage, I protected you in my rib cage, flesh covered castle. Take care your health and Keep safe my heart. when I'm angry it's just because you are disturbed, so you stay calm, I stay happy. isn't it ? You being in my heart.. will I strain you in any manner? That's impossible!
because I'm rare species your Romeo.

#it's mutual, so both must take care
#If you guys anyone have protected your beloved fellow's heart, then quit smoking,Junk foods.
#take care health
#cause your precious princes may get affected.
#Ground rule for love.
#Stay Happy #No BP


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Akshay Kumar 4 SEP 2018 AT 23:18

I'm Just breathing but with attention, Listening my own heart beat, Feeling my own blood stream, a common man with extraordinary peace. You can't Just beat me, only thing can defeat me is love. I'm calm and serene light from a red hot iron. You can use my light as a beacon light. You can bend me, forge, shape me to create a best. I'm flexible for one who love me. I resemble nature, I try to resemble it. I want to love everyone without anything in return. Yes we exist, I'm not endangered species Juliet.
I'm rare species your Romeo


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