The Man with Silver Blood

You take a quick look 
and then turn a blind eye towards me. 
You see the mercury
gushing out of my wounds.
Yes, you look at me 
as if I were poisoned. 
Aren't you amazed 
that I'm still breathing? 
You are. 
But you see, 
mercury did not wound me.
You did. 
Your gut is full of it,
carefully packed,
suffocating you,
making you ignore 
your deep dark desires
that you think are unnatural.
I let my mercury take over me, 
I let it colour me 
the beautiful silver. 
Now you'll see, 
why I love the glitter.

.. continued in caption.


I am a man
who loves to curl his eyelashes.
I fancy looking at myself
in the mirror
licking my deep red matt lips.
You can smell
the floral Burberry in my neck
by my bottle green polka scarf.
The pink eye shadow
makes me look dreamy
and my tights
make my butt look cute.
I'm waiting for the day
when they'll launch
a range of halters with laces.
And oh, the crystal stellitoes!
Don't you see my design?
Now that you have noticed me,
ignored my presence in my face,
carry on with your day,
and remember me later.
Describe me to your friends
and give me a sick nick name,
remember my face and
have a good laugh
Remember my face.
Tell them that you and me,
we both love faux.
I bought faux fur,
you bought faux pas.
I give you fauxpology,
you give me fauxminism.


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Post women's day feminism.

10 MAR 2017 AT 2:37