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Joined 31 March 2018
aishini banerjee 14 MAR AT 0:41

I search for magic in your eyes,
That turns the insane poet into someone wise.


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aishini banerjee 10 MAR AT 22:19

And her tired body,
Seeked for a place to rest.

A comfortable place for her head,
Was none other than his chest.


•Comfortable Place•
#yqbaba #love #poetry #abpoetry

aishini banerjee 5 MAR AT 9:32

I wrote and painted
And you kept falling
With our story not stopping.


aishini banerjee 24 FEB AT 15:15

Be my typewriter
I'll be your ink.
If all my typed poems in it,
Always do rhyme,
Then why cant I make you mine?


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aishini banerjee 19 FEB AT 0:09

Bury me under your love,
I shall seek no air.
Bury me under your love,
I shall sit there.
Bury me under your love,
So that none can search for me.
Bury me under your love,
And I shall live there for eternity.


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aishini banerjee 9 FEB AT 9:36

Every teacher be like

Teacher 1 - Classs 8A ! Will you please keep quiet.
Teacher 2 - No one studies in this class, boys and girls all are same.
Teacher 3 - Class please !
Teacher 4 - All will fail in this section. No one will pass except a few.
Teacher 5 - Girls are more naughty than boys.
Teacher 6 - All lies.
Teacher 7 - So irritating this class is.
Teacher 8 - School is not a place for fashion. you dont study in colleges.
Teacher 9 - worst class ever taught.
Teacher 10 - I'll tell sister to not to give me this batch from next year.


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aishini banerjee 8 FEB AT 7:19

Its not my day
But All I want to say

Will you be my partner for late night poem reads ?
Will you be the one, who this fellow needs ?
Will you be the image,which my camera focuses on?
Will you be the one with whom, even Beautiful will be every dawn ?


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aishini banerjee 6 FEB AT 7:19

In a lonely street,
I hooked up in a inn,

At the backseat,
Looked at you,in grin.

You darling never knew,
When these eyes, fell for you.


aishini banerjee 5 FEB AT 7:03

In your L o v e Island
I'll be a wanderer
In search of a T r e a s ur e.


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aishini banerjee 2 FEB AT 23:14

The Family tree of mine
Had many stems
But slowly slowly
Stems got weak and started falling
And the mains, became stars' favourite
Leaving me lonely.


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