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Insta : ad_tripathy
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Advik Tripathy 25 JUL AT 9:54

Love is bittersweet, when the flower
sheds its existence for the fruit.


Advik Tripathy 12 JUL AT 18:20

She: Don't you miss me?

He: Just spent the day at your favourite book store reading the love story you used to read to me & sipping your favourite coffee.
What do you think?


Advik Tripathy 7 JUL AT 9:47

Online friends don't judge, they weigh your confessions
over your physical contours, your playlists over your bios and your struggles over your results.Unlike people around you,they only want to see you grow & bloom and most definitely, live.

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Advik Tripathy 5 JUL AT 18:21

अभी तो जला भी नही है ये चराग
तुम उसे बुझाने आ गए
रोशनी तो कर नही सकते
अंधेरा और बढाने आ गए...


Advik Tripathy 30 JUN AT 20:17

"I'll kiss you in the rain
So you get twice as wet


Advik Tripathy 26 JUN AT 16:40

"Why would you get Such a costly toy?"
Mum asked, annoyed.

"Her smile is worth me sleeping with an empty stomach", her dad smiled.


Advik Tripathy 18 JUN AT 19:11

She asked me if I could give her that thing,
which would stay forever in her hazel eyes.
But, I can't.Because, forever isn't forever.
Forever is a lie, sweet lie!

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Advik Tripathy 10 JUN AT 9:45

किसी मुसाफिर से कभी प्यार ना करना
प्यार अगर हो भी जाए, तो इज़हार न करना

संग उसके मिले जो लम्हें, काफ़ी हैं
उसके किए वादों का तुम, ऐतबार न करना

संभाल लेना खुद को बड़े कायदे से
इश्क में गिरफ़्तार होकर, मलाल न करना

जब करे वो ताउम्र साथ देने की बातें
सुन तुम भी लेना ,उनसे इनकार न करना

और कभी करने लगे ठहरने की बातें
तुम हंसना बेफिक्री से ,मगर प्यार ना करना

जब ज़ारी हो सफ़र उसका,तुम कहना अलविदा
मगर उसके लौट आने का, इंतजार ना करना।


Advik Tripathy 8 JUN AT 9:30

On their First Date

"What shall we order?

Italian Pasta or American Chopsuey?", l asked.
"Hyderabadi Biryani", she answered.

And, I knew she was the one for me.


Advik Tripathy 6 JUN AT 12:52

The only similarity between glass & a dream
is both make noise when broken.


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