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Joined 29 July 2017
Aditi Pandey 24 FEB AT 12:43

Akal badam se nai,

Thokar khane se aati hai!


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Aditi Pandey 3 OCT 2018 AT 13:39

Going to attend the first day of third year, in college.
And guess what!
It's Mid Term Examination Day!
I don't even know the name of the subjects!!
Trust me.
Oh God, Give Me Strength!


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Aditi Pandey 29 SEP 2018 AT 14:25


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Aditi Pandey 6 SEP 2018 AT 14:51

Let's welcome a more equal and a more colourful country, India!


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Aditi Pandey 5 SEP 2018 AT 18:39

Dear Ex,

This Teacher's Day, I would like to appreciate you.
You taught me to not to trust anyone.
You taught me that people change.
Mostly importantly,
You taught me that I deserve better.
Thank you so much!

Yours faithfully,
Not anymore


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Aditi Pandey 5 SEP 2018 AT 10:00

Cut The Expectations.
Cut The Hate.


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Aditi Pandey 23 AUG 2018 AT 14:48

It follows the concept of-
Jo woh sochti h woh definitely nai hoga.
Jo woh nai sochti h woh definitely hoga!


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Aditi Pandey 7 AUG 2018 AT 10:32

Hello Writers,

Keeping in mind YourQuote Baba's latest challenge (Random Word)
I want my YQ family to tell me, what word to they want me to write on!

'Shout-out' maybe coming your way!
Kindly read the caption before you proceed, for details!
*Too excited to hear from you*


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Aditi Pandey 5 AUG 2018 AT 12:21

She held my hand when I was scared.
She lifted me up when I lost footing.
She motivated when I failed.
She fought when I was scolded.
She never left me alone.
She never let me go wrong.
Thank you for everything, Maa!
Happy Friendship Day to you!


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Aditi Pandey 1 AUG 2018 AT 20:48

I can do it. I will do it.

I have done it.


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