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I create comics and new worlds
Joined 31 August 2017

I create comics and new worlds
Joined 31 August 2017
Abhishek Pandeyar 17 MAR 2019 AT 3:42

Maa ki yaad ati Hai,
Har subah Har shaam ati Hai,
Chahe ho roshni, Chahe biyaban andhera,
Maa teri yaad har raah ati Hai...


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Abhishek Pandeyar 16 FEB 2019 AT 1:37

बिहड़ वन में राम और रावण अक्सर पाए जाते हैं एक साथ,
बियाबान तो आजकल शहरों में पसर रखे हैं,

आदमी ही आदमी का काट रहा गला,
हमारे वहशीपन ने तो शेर चीते भी हैरान कर रखे हैं |



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Abhishek Pandeyar 7 FEB 2019 AT 22:54

You call it PTSD, I call it balance.
Let's meet in the middle shall we?
Which is?


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Abhishek Pandeyar 4 FEB 2019 AT 21:05

"Who certainly knows, who can proclaim here;
when it (Universe) was born? when this was Created?
Gods are here; by this Creation;
So, who knows truly when it came to being."

- Nasadiya Sukta, Rigveda


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Abhishek Pandeyar 15 DEC 2018 AT 14:41

I want you to use me
as you used him.

Even if for one night,
I want you to reach into my soul and touch it with your wet fingertips and shaking lips.

Tomorrow, you can use some someone else.


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Abhishek Pandeyar 6 OCT 2018 AT 21:28

Those who sit at the shore
might survive the storm,
But they have no right to talk about it.

Just like those who have never loved,
can never understand how deep the chasm is,
for they have never jumped.


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Abhishek Pandeyar 11 JUL 2018 AT 21:00

Hanging above the Doors of Death
a placard read:

Shadows of descent, descending into heaven,
of deeds so dark surrounding their fate,
Rejoicing in fear and remorse of others,
Sweet evil children of Hades
lie here waiting.


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Abhishek Pandeyar 24 JUN 2018 AT 17:18

In that chaotic heart of yours,
Inside those veins so deep,
I sometimes stumble upon a strange quiet.

Every time I get distracted by your celestial eyes,
I fail to see if it's my effect on you,
or remnants of my psyche you latched on.


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Abhishek Pandeyar 11 JUN 2018 AT 20:51

Fool me once, shame on you!

Fool me twice...
I'm sorry who are you?



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Abhishek Pandeyar 31 MAY 2018 AT 20:32

"Look at that girl," my friend exclaimed.
"Such thick hair on her arms. Must be single."

"Or maybe she has better things to do."
I surmised as the girl in white coat put on her stethoscope.



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