Language Festival 2018



I'd prefer the uncertainity of his location rather than knowing it was heaven now
            The one thought that he'd be dead by now couldn't keep me from revisiting the garage he worked in
              Neither was I ready to hear that he was with someone else Nor that he was as empty as my present relationship
         Atleast that allowed me to remember him the way he used to be..

seperated..i know.Can't be back together ...i know. where he is ..i dont know.where i am i don't want to know #seperated #life#yqbaba

14 APR AT 21:18

"Alarm time 8:30 am
Days Monday to Friday
Tone: his voice (Thought will hate)

Later that turns out to be the sole reason for being in late comers".

Though time have changed a lot between us, still his voice is my favourite tune. I keep on listening to the voice recorded, because I know I can hear him in real. We are seperated, with in kilometres, and universe by heart. I tired to move on by keeping his voice on alarm as once said alarm tone is the sole tone that we gradually hate. But turns out to be a reason, for snoozing it over and over and the going late to office as I hit the reality. #alarm #us #we #seperated #still_love_you #missingyou

27 MAR AT 11:13