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The Girl in the Mirror//
The Girl in the mirror looks broken and sad,
How they make her feel she is ugly and bad? 

(Full poem in caption)

The Girl in the Mirror:- The girl in the mirror looks broken and sad. How they make her feel that she’s ugly and bad. Every time I see her I feel so bad, why does she listen to them they all are mad. Her mind makes up stories which then become her reality. How she always thinks for a better future but that never becomes her reality. She thinks and thinks and gives herself pain. Oh, she is thinking something again, Touching the mirror she is seeing something. Why is she so pale? What broke her, that she is so sad? She fixes her hair, and tries to smile and then she looks her hands. Why are they so red? What has she done? What will she do? Will she kill me and turn blue. No! No! don’t you try to kill me? I want to live, I want to see the world that gives whirlpool of joy. There’s so much left for me to do... How can you give up now? You still haven’t tasted half of the flavors of different coffees around the world. You haven’t seen the world’s most beautiful sunset yet. Your eyes are so dreamy but empty today. What is she thinking? After seeing the mirror today. This aggression I haven’t seen this before in your eyes. Stop banging on the mirror! You will lose me. Then how will I see you? This beautiful image of mine. Crack! breaks the glass and she cuts her hands. The beautiful girl in the mirror is not there. There are thousands of pieces of the mirror on the floor. The beautiful girl in the mirror is no more. ©Shreya #poem #shreyas_writings #suicide #sad #poetry #yqpoetry #yqpowrimo