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28 OCT 2016 AT 15:10

She left me for a better writer.
She left me a better writer.

This one was also published in Terribly Tiny Tales in 2016. #ttt #loss #love #writing #life #2linestory First written in 2013. If you read this before, it's because it had gone viral.

30 AUG 2016 AT 0:34

I write to forget, they read to remember..


30 SEP 2017 AT 14:15

Who wants a million stars, when you have already fallen in love with the dark side of the moon..


7 SEP 2017 AT 13:27

We often choose a familiar tear over an unknown smile..


24 SEP 2017 AT 14:03

How could i open the same door for you to return, that you closed on your way out..


14 SEP 2017 AT 12:22

Writing is an art for those who possess a silent mouth, a loud mind, screaming conscience and a broken heart..


20 AUG 2017 AT 13:52