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Girls like you

All I need is a girl like you And this is truly true, Cause you win my heart just like a perfect shot I just wanna drive with you, I just wanna ride with you I'm just Wanna smile with you, And wanna live those precious moment that I was dreaming too, Dreaming too from the ages I don't want to live in these "Distrust" cages, when I feel like I'm completely lost your smile act as healing rages, I Never Gonna Leave You whatever is the situation, I want to be with you there is no need to do such expectations, To fulfill your Every wish is my ambition Cause I wanna turn this love Into a perfect relation !!! . #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqtales #yqdada #love #relationship #like

Garmi se jalti Dharti ka kuch boondon se Kaya hoga...
Jo Raha pyasa barso se, uska ek sawan se kaya hoga..

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काशी विश्वनाथ कि महिमा देखो कितनी न्यारी है..
चहुंओर से देखो कितनी काशी नगरी प्यारी है..!
एक तरफ है धर्म संस्कृति विद्या कि ये फुलवारी है
दूजे ओर ये माँ गंगा कि बहती निर्मल धारा प्यारी है..!
ना कोई है शिष्य यहां ये तो गुरुओं कि बाड़ी है..
शांत शाश्वत शिव भक्ती में डूबी काशी सारी है..!