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You didn't get to eat any of your homemade snacks...coz you are living in a hostel with your roommate.

We fight with them, we cry with them and we laught with them too.. coz they are strangers who eventually become our family ❤ #roomates #hostellife 🔥Here comes the super kid from The Incredibles. But, oops, something seems wrong.😬 🤝 Collab in this #YQMT73 and let us know the possible multiple reasons through your multiple entries. 😰 🏆 Best reasons😝/#YQMeme will make it to featuring with a special shout out and also be featured on our Facebook page. 🎏 Multiple reasons. Multiple entries. Get. Set. Collab.🤘🏻 #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YQ Memes

When you ask your mess workers 
to cook some tasty food.

Why is mess food universally bad?😩 *Hello from Wakanda.*🙏🏻 🔼 Collab here, cause 'they don't do that there.'😛😂 🐈 One of the most trending templates these days. So, plagiarism?? "We don't do that here."😏😉 🎖️ Best memes will be featured for this #YQMT54. Multiple entries are welcomed with love. 🤗 Always use #YQMeme in your memes. 🤞🏻 🔥Go Avengers.🔥😛😂 #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YQ Memes #yqbaba #hostellife #medico