Language Festival 2018



The moments of pain, that went in vain.
The tears I shed, for the one I thought I would wed.
The passion for life to live,which the heart understood, the only way was to give.
The way how my soul realized​ that it was free,
Of guilt
Of shame
to write 
to express 
to feel 
to heal
At the end you are just grateful for having a life that you live every moment, cherish it. Live it coz you'll never ever get it back, ever.

#feelings #nothingelse #yqbaba #yqtales #thankyou #Feelings... #Nothingelse.... First time initiating a challenge! Write bout your feelings... Feelings of self, of life in general, feelings of future, of anything that makes you feeeeeel your feelings 😜😁 Feel free to write your feeling on this one too 😊 For all those who come across this post please do get it a try and I nominate Galzin Sherpa Aditya gupta Abhi Death Dreath Aabid Mushtaq Dar Shrruti Parekh deepak Chauhan Crazie Vijay Shrawani Das Jatin Aswal Ghost Rider Tejeshwar Singh

22 AUG 2017 AT 20:03