Teri aankhon mein meine tasbi padhi hai
Tere honthon se meine aayatein kahi hai
Ke tere intezaar mein meri kayi raatein kati hai
Ke teri hokar bhi tujhse duri rahi hai
Kaisi riwayatein hai yeh?
Ke kaisi uljhane?
Ke beintehan mohabbat hone ke bawajood bhi
Darmiyon mein sirf shikayatein rahi hai



Before, you used to be a PART of me,
But Now you are APART from me...
By Taking your Part of my life away with you.😢

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"kampracs'S love"

I think u may have been heard about this"EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN HAS A WOMEN BEHIND ITS SUCCESS!!"but actually i have been very lucky to have2😇😘😊"I,ll bright the 1 of them later!"
Now, its time celbrate for one"the biggest reason behind my SUCCESS!!"lets have some noise for herrr..........📣📣📢📣 ❤ANUSHREE❤👻😘from where to start i really 🙃 she's just awesome thing jz happen to me in mah lyf.She knows all the secrets of mah lyf very deeply,some yet to tell her😉but trust me I'll tell uh everything & u hv to SUPPORT ME!!
Now, about ur deep observations by me!! 👉first of all, I don't wanna miss ur SMILE dea😇its jz awesome dea, it gives me the highest level of enjoyment & happiness😇😘now time to inaugurate ur INNOCENCE🙃I really feels 👉🙃😇now, how can I miss another one dea"SHYNESS"😊😍I think, god has given the world's best shyness to uh&only uh😊🤓enough dea, my fingers & feelings are still exciting for writing about uh But time and "yourquote.in" are resisting me by showing the limit of words🙃m sry about these that i can giv u only upto certain limit,but listen I'm promising uh that i will improve mah limit and stage of ur happiness!finally LOVE YOU❤