Language Festival 2018



   The Ancient Scar

// An Ancient Scar // Just a crease it was, but you blamed me for causing a scar; A mere bookmark it was, howbeit you left howling as if a sin I've done. Not just a mark on a page whilst it was a scratch upon your memory, The bookmark remained and so did this ancient cicatrice. Just a stain it is, you argued staring me with credulous innocence; A stain not too sully to subdue your silly wreak, I confessed alluring. Like a stain for a scar, an infinite coordinate we solved; Sauntering through the bookmarked, deepening the ancient blot. Just as a vivid dream, the sepic blotches on that book detained, As an insipid vulnerary lesion to be remembered and kept. A mark of our story it was, albeit you refused to acknowledge, The ancient fetish of yours entailed the bookmarked story left unsaid. By: Mocking Soul ● The Bookmarked Scar PC- Google ( for I would never do that to my books) #apmchallenge #scars #napowrimo #yqbaba #bookmark #bithikahalder

7 APR AT 17:06