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Neetu Buchasia







Neetu Buchasia (Neetu_born2convey)

22/01/18❤️ @born2convey on Instagram❤️ Writer by heart❤️ Follow only to relate✌🏻😁 My experiences speak through my words!!


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I would showcase a story of a girl whose love was one-sided and never turned into two.
This experience of her life
could only make her
strong enough not to fall
for anyone in future.

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a blooming flower, flickering around it, are those happy birds..
Living their life without any curse.. 
I see those workers working round the clock for that one note of hope.. 
I feel the agony of that kid who is been forced to beg.. 
How unhappy he must be, seeing his peers with a happy school bag.. 
From dawn to dusk, rising to setting, life doesn't forget to move on.. 
Be it's a begger or employer, everyone has something to crave on..

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I'm a kid at heart but an adult by age.
I want to fly but trapped in a 'Society' synonymed as cage.
I'm a girl who wants to fulfill her dreams.
But I fear because even raising your voice can get you badly into memes.
I want to make my Parents smile and my Sister proud,
But beyond that smile and pride, lies an ever unhappy crowd. 
I'm naive by nature and grumpy at the same time, 
No matter they'll still judge you, remember you always have to shine.

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