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Anjula Bhadauria (अंjula SINGH भdauria)

*I am an Author | Editor| Artist| Poet| Principal| Educationist| Web Designer| Advanced Web Developer| Advanced Pranic Healer| Certified Feng Shui Expert by profession... *I love reading, writing, painting, dancing n playing outdoor sports (especially cricket n basketball)... *I prefer using My Artwork as the background image for my Quotes *To read my 8 published educational books visit : and enter Anjula Singh in search box OR *To view My Paintings and Artwork visit: My writings n paintings reflect what I am or what I have been through.... "ठहरती नहीं ज़िन्दगी, काफ़िला बढ़ा चलता है, मिल ही जातें हैं मुसाफिर, कारवाँ बना चलता है।" - अंjula SINGH भdauria

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 The                                                             Lady
 cross                                            her
     home                                  her
         family                      her
            name          even
       her   life
       Just  for
         You         can't
        you                     just
        cross                               social
whims                                                only
for                                                                   her.

#cross #ShapePoem #YQbaba It's a Cross (X) shape (The lady in background is my watercolor painting from Class-8) The lady leaves (crosses) everything she owned either material or emotional since birth for whom she hardly knows and just expects little love n respect in return...Will she get it!)

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